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March 6, 2023

Release: While we wrap up the changes/balancing, the general notes for the upcoming season can be viewed here. Everything is subject to change.


- Pickaxes accrue XP starting at a base value of 1 per block broken. This can be increased with Boosts(/boost) and XP Finder.

- Enchants are upgradable using Tokens. However, some enchants are locked behind pickaxe level gates.

- The Enchant Menu can be accessed by right clicking your pickaxe at any given time.

- Tokens are mainly used to upgrade your pickaxe. However, they can also be withdrawn using '/token(s) withdraw'.


- Trinkets are acquired through either crafting them with dust found by "Dust Finder" or found by other means.

- You can view/apply your trinkets by doing /trinkets or in the bottom right of the Enchant Menu.


- Keys are found by "Key Finder" as well as '/daily', among other ways as well.

- Keys are not physical, simply Right (or Crouch+Right) click the crates at /warp crates to open.

- Hero Rank+ gain access to '/openall', opening all the keys you have at once, remotely.

- Your keys are visible in '/locksmith(/ls)' or '/keys'. As well as in the TAB menu.

- The '/crateinfo' command can be used to view the contents of a crate remotely. Ex. '/crateinfo Vote'.


- Each Player has access to their own mine.

- '/Mine' will open a menu giving you an option to go to your mine. If you have not yet played, it will automatically create it and send you there.

- To visit another players mine use '/mine visit <Player>'.

- You get an improved mine every 16 Levels.

- Use '/resetmine' or '/rm' to reset your mine.


- The progression goes as follows: Levels 1-1000. After reaching 1000 you can /prestige. This gives you a 50% bonus to money gained, but makes levelling increasingly harder.

- Each block you break while having a pouch in your inventory will add +1 Gem.

- Upon redeeming(Right Clicking) the pouch you will gain the amount of gems it contains, but lose the ability to gain more until another pouch appears.

- Gems can be spent in '/Gem Shop'. They can also be withdrawn to sell/trade using '/Gem Withdraw <amount>'.

Mystery Crates:

- A new addition this season are the Mystery Crates. So far there are 2 of these, Genesis and Contraband. Monthly Crates will also be available on the store only.

- These crates when placed will give you 8 random rewards from the list provided on the crate.

- The Genesis Crate can be acquired in '/Buy', '/Gem Shop', and in the Seasonal Crate.

- Many more of these crates will come shortly.

Pickaxe Skills:

- Another new addition this season is the Pickaxe Skill Tree.

- After reaching pickaxe level 25, you unlock the option to choose a path to go down.

- The bonuses the skill tree gives are the same throughout the 5 different paths. However their events are different.

- Events are randomly Triggered when mining after a path has been selected. Only 2 events can be active at one time.

  Zeus Events give a bonus chance to get 2 keys from Key Finder.

  Poseidon Events give a bonus to Fortune

  Hades Events give a bonus to your personal Multi

  Ares Events give a bonus to Tokens

  Aphrodite Events give a bonus to your Pickaxe XP gain.


- /Gang help will show all the useful commands for using gangs.

- Gangs by default can have up to 4 Members.

- As a gang your goal is to Level Up via blocks broken.

- Each Level the gang will receive perks. View these in /Gang Upgrade


- Coupons are withdrawable currency that can be used in '/Buy'.

- You get $0.05 every time you vote, and the "Coupon Finder" perk from the Skill Tree gives $0.01-$0.10 when it procs.

- You can also find them with the Junkpile Enchant.

- View and withdraw a coupon with '/Coupon(s)'.


- '/Help' in-game can offer some assistance as to how things work. The Discord is also a great place to go for answers to anything.